bqplot.pyplot.scales(key=None, scales={})[source]

Creates and switches between context scales.

If no key is provided, a new blank context is created.

If a key is provided for which a context already exists, the existing context is set as the current context.

If a key is provided and no corresponding context exists, a new context is created for that key and set as the current context.

  • key (hashable, optional) – Any variable that can be used as a key for a dictionary
  • scales (dictionary) – Dictionary of scales to be used in the new context


>>> scales(scales={
>>>    'x': Keep,
>>>    'color': ColorScale(min=0, max=1)
>>> })

This creates a new scales context, where the ‘x’ scale is kept from the previous context, the ‘color’ scale is an instance of ColorScale provided by the user. Other scales, potentially needed such as the ‘y’ scale in the case of a line chart will be created on the fly when needed.


Every call to the function figure triggers a call to scales.

The scales parameter is ignored if the key argument is not Keep and context scales already exist for that key.